Monday, May 6, 2013

Why There's No Review Today

Since I got home from school on Wednesday, I've been kind of meh towards reading. I think it's mostly exhaustion from school, and I'll be back on track once I've had time to rest and relax. But, because I'm up to date on reviews, if I don't finish a book I don't have anything to review. Hopefully I'll get a little bit ahead soon, but you never know. :)

Now, normally I'm all about books on here, with the rare exception. I'd like to make today one of those rare exceptions. Besides reading, I am a pretty passionate movie buff and music fan. I listen to music no matter what I'm doing, and I see A LOT of movies. Those are not things I get to talk about often, so I thought I'd be a little different and tell you what I'm loving right now.


I finally watched Wreck-It Ralph today. SO CUTE. I loved all the little fan throwbacks and allusions, plus it was just funny.

I'm also a little obsessed with Silver Linings Playbook. I saw it over Christmas originally, then again in February, and am so excited it's finally out on DVD. I'm listening to the audiobook on my iPod right now as well. (Very different vibe, by the way!)

I haven't seen Iron Man 3 yet, and probably won't for another week or two, but I am dying to see (and will be seeing Friday) The Great Gatsby.


This is out from left-field, but I'm thoroughly in love with Jason Forbach's cover of "Touch Me" from Spring Awakening. Jason Forbach is an actor who plays Enjolras in the US touring version of Les Miserables, and he has this fantastic commanding voice that I just love. (I also love musicals. Clearly.)

I am always listening to Andrew Belle, a singer-songwriter out of Nashville, and his "In My Veins" has been on repeat in the past couple of weeks.

I've been missing Disney World a lot in the past week or two, since on the 11th it'll be a year since I finished my college program, so I've been listening to the official parks album, especially "Grim Grinning Ghosts" (the song from The Haunted Mansion), the Fantasmic! exit music, and the Main Street Electrical Parade music.

Yeah... This is a bit of an odd assortment of things, but these are legitimately the things I watch and listen to. What do y'all do when you're not reading? Anything I should check out? :)

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