Sunday, September 13, 2015

Daughter of Dusk Giveaway

I'm popping in today to share with y'all an amazing giveaway that Livia Blackburne's got going on (and that's ending today, so get to entering!) to celebrate her recent release of Daughter of Dusk, the sequel to Midnight Thief! I so enjoyed Midnight Thief last year and am terribly excited to get on to reading Daughter of Dusk.

Lucky for y'all, Livia's got this giveaway, which would be a fun way to get started, OR you could be impatient (which you should) and hop on over and get yourself the ebook of Midnight Thief, which is just 99 cents right now! (YES, you read that right--99 cents!) So what could possibly be stopping you??

Get it here: Kindle | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | Google Play

Included in this INTERNATIONAL giveaway are:

  • Audiobook of Midnight Thief
  • Annotated paperback of Poison Dance, the Midnight Thief prequel novella
  • Early draft of DoD with Livia's editorial notes
  • Assorted signed swag
You know you want it! Or I know I do, at least. :)

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