Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm Cleaning Out My Shelves. Who Wants Some Free Books?

I've posted a new tab at the top of the page! On it, I've listed over 40 books that I'm looking to be rid of. Rather than bringing them to the secondhand bookstore I never go to (where the lady would hate me) I'm giving you all the chance to get them. They're a little random, but whatever.

All of the books except for some of the nonfiction ones are in good shape. I take good care of my books. :)

If you're interested in any of them, all you have to do is email me at and tell me which ones you want. I'm only asking that you pay for the shipping!

So please check out the books, and I'll have a few new reviews up this week! Happy New Year!!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm unbelievably sad. ;( Why do the shipping feas to Germany have to be so freaking expensive?

    I love the page, though! German bloggers have posted their own available for swapping pages last year, one after another and I loved it so it's great to see something alike here. *g*

    I think I've said it a dozen times already, but Happy New Year! <3