Friday, February 1, 2013

*drumroll* And I'm Back!

So, today is February 1st, my heralded return date! Doesn't that feel momentous? No? Oh, well it's momentous to me. :) I'm so happy to be back to blogging today! It's something I grew so fond of over the course of the year and a half or so I was consistent and it's felt weird not having a real connection to the world of books!

I think the problem was that I had so much to do for school that it was taking over my life, so when I had free time I couldn't bring myself to do any more work. Work included blogging. For me, it takes effort and a whole lot of thought to construct a blog post of any sort. I don't like to do something halfway for anyone on the internet to read, so it can sometimes take hours for me to write a post. I didn't have hours, let alone the effort to spend those hours working on the blog. Soon, just reading became a burden. I couldn't find books that appealed to me, even if they sounded good, if they were YA I was miserable reading them, because it felt like pressure.

I'm not saying this to complain at all, I just thought a little clarification could be interesting. Should you be interested. :) But this semester is proving to be a little more relaxed, and I'm really happy to be devouring books again, and with great joy.

Well, I've not got much else to say here! I'm approaching blogging a little differently now. The goal is post every day, though I'm sure there will be a lapse here and there. Like I said before, I really want my blog to become something for me to be really proud of. I'm going to have a post up in a little while I hope will prove to be interesting to you. It's not a review but something a little different--though not terribly different, I wish I were more creative! I'd love to know what you guys think about it; if you like it I'd be PUMPED to write more of the same.

Have a lovely Friday and a lovely February!

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