Thursday, March 19, 2015

What's Your Winner's Curse? Blog Tour + Giveaway

Whew! This tour is finally winding down, y'all. There are two stops after me, and then we're all done. :) If you read blogs regularly, I'm sure you've seen these posts already. I, on the other hand, have skipped them, because I didn't want to know anyone else's answer to the question before I wrote mine and I'm a procrastinator who won't write posts till the night before (as I'm doing right now). On to the question!

The ‘Winner’s Curse’ is an economics term that means you’ve gotten what you wanted – but at too high a price.  What would you pay too much for?

I really consider myself to be very lucky. I've had almost no hardship in my life. I have a loving family that supports me, a roof over my head, food in my mouth, and I'm fully physically and mentally able. So, when addressing a question like this, it's hard for me to know how to answer it, when I've been so lucky in the hand dealt to me.

And yet, I worry. I worry, I worry, I worry. I'm a pretty relaxed person in almost all aspects, but I have a lot of fears for my future. What if I don't get a job in the field I want? What if I'm not good at what I want to do? What if I move and can't make friends? What if I can't afford to live on my own? What if I'm making the wrong decisions? What if...? These questions eat at me all of the time, just a little bit, but they're always there. I suppose, if I could pay too much for something, it'd be peace of mind. Not knowing exactly what's going to happen, but knowing that whatever happens is right, that I can make the right decisions. It's kind of a weird thing to want, yet being rid of those worries would be the greatest thing.

I still consider myself supremely lucky in the hand I was dealt, no matter what.

Thank you so much to Macmillan for hosting and letting me be a part of the tour! If you want to hear more Winner's Curses (or maybe try to enter some more giveaways, eh?), check out the master list of posts here. Also be sure to check out the series website and try out some Bite and Sting, which I love but am kind of terrible at.

And now I've got a giveaway to share, thanks to Macmillan! One US winner will receive a copy of either The Winner's Curse or The Winner's Crime, their choice. So if you haven't started the series yet, but want to, or haven't gotten your hands on a copy of the second book yet, now's your chance! This one's quick, only running for a week, so get to entering!

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