Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Seventeen-year-old Emerson Cole sees things. Since before her parent's death, she has been seeing the phantoms of people from the past. All Emerson wants is for those phantoms to leave her alone so she can lead a normal life.

When Emerson's brother finds a representative from a secretive organization called the Hourglass, she's skeptical. But Michael believes everything she tells him and says he can help, in exchange for her assistance.

Emerson is immersed in a world full of things she doesn't understand. Why does a jolt of energy pass through her when she touches Michael? And why does Michael need her to help him undo a death that should have never occurred?

When I first heard about Hourglass I was skeptical. The premise intrigued me to no end, the cover was absolutely breathtaking, but there was so much hype around the book I didn't believe it could possibly be as good as everyone made it out to be. Boy, was I mistaken. Hourglass was every bit as awesome as the cover and synopsis elude to it being.

First, I loved the setting. Being from Mississippi, I read so many books that take place in northern areas, New York especially, and many times that leads to a lack of a connection for me. Tennessee is good and southern and wonderful! It's hard to explain, but the book feels more real.

Second, I loved the characters. Emerson is broken, but still strong. As a result of all that she's gone through, she doesn't care about things most of us care about at seventeen. She's got so much strength hidden inside of her that I doubt we've seen even the beginning of it. Michael is sensitive, yet hard. Like Emerson, he's gone through a lot to make him who he is and doesn't let others in without a struggle. There's one moment close to the end of the novel where I clutched my heart, literally, at him. That has actually never happened before. I loved Lily, and hope she has a larger part in the next book, especially given the introduction of her ability and yet nothing was done with it.

I also must give credit to Ms. McEntire for giving me a twist I didn't expect! I had absolutely no clue one twist was coming, and when it did it blew my mind, yet it made sense. Normally, I'm pretty good at predicting such things, but no dice this time.

I now cannot keep myself in my seat in anticipation for the next book. If you find me hopping around some random place one day, you'll know why.

Hourglass is a captivating and twisty debut that you don't want to miss for your life. Time travel even makes sense!

Risk a paper cut? Hourglass is at least worth your favorite pair of pants. It's more than worth a few thousand paper cuts.

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  1. I swear I'm the only person who finds the cover a bit creepy lol.

    I've heard so much about this that I've been skeptical as well, but not anymore.

    I don't think I've read the synopsis until I came in and checked out you're review, and now I'm jumping at the chance to read this!

    One things for sure, next week when I get paid this will be the first thing I'm buying!

    Great review and I love your little line at the bottom about paper cuts!

  2. I could see how one could see it as creepy, but I just love the colors and her dress and the hair obscuring her face. :) Can't help it!

    As for the synopsis, I like to write my own, and that one was not coming easily, so I'm glad it sounds decent! Actually, the whole review took more effort than usual. My brain was clogged, I suppose.

    You should DEFINITELY buy it! I got mine on my Nook, but I kinda want the hardcover... It's ridiculously smooth. Sad, I know.

    And thanks about my paper cut line! I wanted something different about the blog, and I knew I get paper cuts all of the time and know I've thought more than once that some books just weren't worth the pain. Lol. So... That's how it came about! I'm trying to think of witty things to say about it. :)

  3. I must admit my favourite part about the cover is the dress lol.

    I will be buying it, don't worry!

    It's not sad by the way, its perfectly reasonable, I know I have a ton of ebooks that I want a hardcover copy for.. just because!

    I'm surprised that I don't get papercut's, even though I read so much, must be one of my many talents... lol.

    I'll be looking forward to reading the many witty things that you can think of in your future reviews!

  4. For some reason, the cover reminds me of a Van Gogh. Or Picasso. Or some other eccentric artist who painted things only he could see. Way cool.

    I definitely have to pick this up when I'm at the library tomorrow. :)

    Love your blog, Rachel!

  5. That's such an interesting thought, Kaye! Now that you say it, it makes total sense. I've always loved Van Gogh and Picasso; I suppose there's some of the appeal for the cover.

    You really should try it. I'm recommending it to everyone!