Review Policy

Currently, I am NOT accepting self-published books for review. With school in full swing, I simply do not have the time to keep up with a large number of books for review, and therefore will only accept books from publishers. I will accept Advanced Reading Copies and review copies of books, including ecopies. Since I review mostly YA novels here, I am much more likely to accept a YA book for review. I do read adult books, but only if they especially catch my eye. As a side note, if I am not accepting a book for review, I will most likely not reply given the volume of email I receive in a given day.

I am also very willing to host giveaways, guest posts, blog tours, or any other promotional events. I do reserve the right to decline these should my schedule not allow or if I don't believe my readers or I would be interested.

Should you like to contact me, please email me at
By accepting and receiving a book, I am not guaranteeing a positive review. I am guaranteeing that I will read your book within a timely manner and review it. I cannot promise that I will read it immediately and review it immediately, but in most cases, I can have it read and reviewed within a month. This is why I ask for a time frame, so I can prioritize my books. If no time frame is given, I will read the book as soon as I can and post the review as soon as possible. If the book is an ARC, I will have the review posted within the week of release.

I cannot promise that I will like your book and give it positive review. I will give my honest opinion, and will always include elements that I like about a book, and, if there are any, elements I don't like. I also will never bash a book. That is not how I work. I may not find it to be my cup of tea, but there is a reader base for everything.

Thank you for your interest!