Let's Talk About...

I have a semi-regular discussion feature (meaning I post whenever I get the urge to) that I call "Let's Talk About..." (I am the best at names.) I talk about anything that strikes my fancy, really, but it all has to do with books and the blogging world!

Here's a list of the posts so far, in case you'd like to check them out:

"Young Adult" As a Stigma
How Do You Review?
Boy Books and Girl Books
Choosing Your Next Book
Blogger Envy
The End of a Series
Negative Reviews
New Adult
Finding Time to Blog
Getting Emotional Over Books
Books Not Written In Prose
Favorite Books of All Time
Grammatically Correct Writing
Book Signings
Supporting Those Large Bookstores
Finishing Series
What Makes You Pick Up a Book?
Why I Don't Have Ads on My Blog
Social Media
The Next "Blah Blah", For Fans of "Author McAuthorPants"
Do You DNF?
When You Don't Connect
The Dreaded Book Hangover

If you have any suggestions for topics, please please please don't hesitate to let me know in whatever form of communication you prefer! I do not plan these ahead of time, but I would if I had some topics up my sleeve. :)

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