Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hexes and Haunts: A Halloween Review by Nancy Fulda

Title: Hexes and Haunts: A Halloween Collection
Author: Nancy Fulda
Release date: October 2011
Format: Ebook
Source: Provided by author for review
Pages: 47
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Award-winning author Nancy Fulda presents five stories of ghosts, witches, vanishing chocolate, and haunted pumpkins. Two of them are humorous. Two are thought-provoking. And one of them might just keep you up at night. In "Hexes and Tooth Decay", a grumpy rock fairy crosses paths with an impolite witch, and trouble ensues. Two brothers release an ancient curse in "The Scream". "Ghost Chimes" tells the story of an orphan, her mother, and a most unusual type of haunting. Felipe sets out to catch a candy thief in "The Half-Life of Chocolate", and in "Like Rain From Silver Skies" a teenage girl is obsessed with the mysterious red letters that appear on a wall near her home.
Every year around Halloween, I like to read something for the season. This year, I just happened to get a request from Nancy Fulda to review her short story collection, Hexes and Haunts, so I was excited. This was absolutely the most perfect thing! There is a fantastic mix of lighthearted and heavier stories that made reading quick and very enjoyable.

With five stories, I originally expected it to be longer, but the whole collection numbers less than 50 pages, making it a quick, one sitting read that I deeply enjoyed. My favorite story was definitely "The Scream" and I think it could easily be expanded into a full length novel, one that I'd definitely read. Nancy's writing is very, very good, descriptive and full. Each story conveyed a palpable and, at times, very chilling feel that I loved.

All in all, I had a great time reading this Halloween collection, and I think you will too! So click away and get your own copy of it, it'll put you in the mood for the spookiest night of the year!

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