Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dark Days Tour in New Orleans Recap + Giveaway

Just under a week ago, I was lucky enough to attend the Dark Days tour stop in New Orleans. Let me tell you, I was unbelievably excited to go. (I might've cried when I saw they were coming to NOLA... Might've. Sorry, I'm not sorry that I'm overdramatic.) I must say, I had just as much fun as I hoped I would!

The night started when I got to the bookstore--the lovely Octavia Books--around 5:15. I bought the books I
All 18 books I got signed. ;)
needed, and when I went to sit down, there were seriously at least 15 people already seated. I ended up somewhere near the middle of the room, with kind of a bad view (which isn't actually that important to me--so long as I can hear, which I could!) By the time 6 rolled around, there had to be 50 people there--and there were probably more, since I couldn't see them all. Octavia is a small store, so we were packed in, though, and that's the most people at a signing that I've been to.

Anyways, the event got started with an introduction of the authors and the girl who moderated, who was from one of the local high schools (and she did so well! I would've been dead if I had done that in high school, and my questions would have been terrible. Hers were awesome.) The first question she asked was about the authors intention in writing their books. Claudia Gray (Steadfast) wanted to write a book in which her heroine was very in charge of her power from the beginning, instead of coming into the power in the course of the story. Kiersten White (Perfect Lies) wanted to write about femme fatales, where women take things regarded as weakness and instead use them as strengths, and wanted to explore how far you could push someone until they snap. Tahereh Mafi (Ignite Me) didn't have a conscious intent as she was writing, but in retrospect realized it was about recognizing and exploring a girl who wasn't physically strong but had inner strength and could fight through her worst days to rise up and stand up for something she believes in--and was inspired by real women in her life. Sophie Jordan (Uninvited) was so intrigued by Davy because she's a typical hard-working teenager, but she is thrust into a new life, one in which she has to rediscover who she is and see if she believes what others say and believe she is. Veronica Rossi (Into the Still Blue) said she didn't set out with an intention for her book, instead, she was interested in opposites, but, like Tahereh, saw themes emerge later, and she really only sets out to write her favorite book.

There were a lot more questions and answers, but if I detailed it all this would be a very long post. Instead, what I've done is uploaded the audio! It's close to an hour long, but you can skip the first 19 minutes to get to what I've not covered here. In the end, their answers were very interesting, and definitely worth coming to the event, even if I couldn't see them. :) But seriously, the authors were awesome. There were SO many people with books to sign, and I was almost last, but they were still so nice and happy to chat and sign my piles of books.

Assembled with the audio are all of my pictures, including while the authors were talking and signing and pictures of the signatures in the books themselves. They loop, so there aren't really that many, I promise. :)

I have this habit of bringing my mom to signings with me, largely because she loves me and won't hate me for dragging her to things she's not especially interested in--plus she loves books (though not much YA). This time, I needed her to help carry around all of my books. In the end, I got 18 books signed, so I might've been falling down under the weight of them all if I'd had to have them. But having my mom also allows me not to have to worry about taking pictures when the authors are signing, since she does that, and I can focus on getting the most out of the short time. Seriously, bring your mom to signings, y'all. Best decision you'll ever make.

Also, a couple of random things! Ransom Riggs was there, which I had so hoped for after noticing that he was at the other stops, so I got my copy of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children signed and took one of the most awkward pictures ever. :) And I feel it's of much importance that I call attention to what Sophie Jordan wrote in my Uninvited ARC! I said multiple times how pretty much all of the books were mine (including multiple copies..) so I got a nice surprise in one book. ;) (It's kind of hard to read, but it says, "Rachel, the most awesome book-hogger ever!") :D

ANYWAYS, I didn't come away from this without anything to share with you all! And honestly you deserve a reward if you've actually read all of this. :) So, I've got a signed hardcover of Kiersten White's Mind Games and a signed ARC of Perfect Lies to give away to one US winner!

So, most of my normal rules apply here. US only. You must be 13 years of age or older to enter. Winner will be notified via the email provided through Rafflecopter--so make sure it's correct!--and will have 48 hours to respond or I will have to choose another winner. :) The giveaway runs through March 20th!

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