Thursday, October 17, 2013

Any Chance Y'all Could Help Me Out?

I'm currently in a digital publishing class and one project we are doing involves creating our own manifesto. Normally I wouldn't ask for any help of this kind here on the blog, but part of the assignment involves measuring engagement, and my project is all about reading!

My manifesto simply uses quotes from authors and prominent figures to demonstrate the power of reading. I've set up a blog to share the manifesto itself, which I'd love for y'all to visit, though it's nothing terribly special. And to the right you can see the image that is on the bookmarks I'm making to distribute. :)

The REAL involvement I'm asking for is very simple! All I need people to do is to tweet the title of the their favorite book using the hashtag #ReadingChangesLives! That's it! I would love you all forever and ever if you did that to help me out. (I already love you, but you know.) If you don't have a Twitter account, you can also visit the blog and simply comment on the top post!

Thanks guys!! :) Hugs all around!

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