Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classics Retold: I'm a Failure

So... I failed at Classics Retold. Like badly. (I couldn't even get this post up in the first week of October!)

When I signed up, I was not aware of all the work I was going to have last month--how much reading, especially. I tried, but I only got a few chapters into North and South, though I enjoyed what I read of it and noticed a decent number of differences between it and the most recent BBC adaptation. I took notes, but I misplaced them. Like I said, I failed. Hardcore.

I don't have anything to say for myself. I didn't even get a miniseries watched! I guess I've learned my lesson. Don't assign yourself extra things to do so far in advance. Sometimes you have English classes that make you read hundreds of pages for one day of class. That happens. :(

I must endorse the most recently BBC adaptation of this book, though! While I didn't get the book read, as a viewer who doesn't know the story, it's a very entertaining miniseries. I think I've watched it all the way through four or five times in the past couple of years and love it even more each time. So if you have any interest in that sort of thing, go forth and watch! It's on Netflix!

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