Thursday, November 14, 2013

Let's Talk About... Books Not Written in Prose

I had a hard time titling that one. By "not written in prose" I mean books that are not written in the style most books are written, full paragraphs, etc.

I have always had some weird prejudice against books that are written in poetry, or any style other than
classic prose. I know everyone in the world seemed to love Ellen Hopkins's Crank books, but I never read them. Originally this was because I'm just not the biggest fan of poetry. But somehow that dislike has changed to a weird prejudice against books written in that form. I don't know why or how, but it's happened.

Just the other day I got a review request for a book written in that kind of style. It had weird shapes made out of the words and I immediately decided I'd not read it. (It also didn't really appeal to me, but that was secondary.) For some reason, this kind of writing comes off as a gimmick. I can't explain why this is true for me, but it is.

So I'm curious. What do y'all think of these kinds of books? Do you read them? Should I, because I'm missing out?

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