Thursday, October 6, 2016

Well hi there!

Hi guys!

I've, uh, not been around, eh? Quite honestly, it's been laziness mostly. I didn't have anything big going on, just working, but I wasn't feeling posting--and I really wasn't feeling commenting. I've been reading posts all along, but it was hard to muster enthusiasm to have something to say. I think I was a bit burned out.

Oddly, I have much more enthusiasm right now! It's odd because I've got lots going on, but I'm going to push myself back into blogging with gusto. I have been in grad school for almost two months now, so I feel confident thinking I can handle working, classes, and blogging. Not to mention I've read tons of books in the last few months and have all kinds of things I can review!

I'm still obsessed with historical romance, so be expecting even more of than on here than before. :)

Adieu, and I'll see y'all with regular posts next week!

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