Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let's Talk About... Book Signings

A week or two ago, I read on Ashley at Nose Graze's blog (THANK YOU Angie for helping me remember where!!) about how she acts at book signings. It got me thinking about how I am at signings as well...

I'm that girl who gets there an hour early, who roams about the store too excited to do much of anything
useful. I watch as the employees set up for the signing, hoping to sit in the front row. I stare at other people in the store, sizing them up and wondering if they're also going to see the author. I've probably brought a fair number of books that I already own, but I always make sure to buy at least one book from the store hosting the signing--always BEFORE the signing even though it's unnecessary. Once everything is set up, I sit in my chair and wiggle. But, I probably won't start a conversation with you. I'm shy, you see, though unfailingly friendly and cheerful. If you talk to me first, it's likely I'll talk your ear off and you'll be afraid of my enthusiasm. :)

When it comes to the authors, I panic a little before I step up to have them sign my books, scrambling for something witty to say and hoping I'll have the guts to ask for a picture. Generally, I say nothing interesting, but I do manage to ask for a picture. Once I've got my books signed, it's all I can do not to flip out and shove them in people's faces in my excitement.

I also generally fail to mention that I'm a blogger. I have a couple of times (Marissa Meyer signing, because I asked her to sign in my paperback of Cinder where the blogger page is, and at the Fierce Reads signing because I'd interviewed the authors beforehand. That's it) but mostly I get embarrassed. I don't know why.

So this is not a constructive discussion, but I'm curious, how are you at signings? Flaily and overly enthusiastic but awkward, like me? Or more put together? Who are your favorite authors you've met, want to meet, or are planning on meeting this year? 

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