Monday, January 6, 2014

Operation: Vitro Contest

So y'all. I don't normally post about contests, since I try to keep this blog as focused as possible. BUT I'm making an exception because I am personally having so much fun taking part and want to make sure you're aware.

As part of the release for Vitro, a companion to 2012's Origin, Jessica Khoury has put together a massive giveaway entitled Operation: Vitro. In the contest, you take the part of an intern for Corpus, the company in Vitro. You are tasked with passing on information about the company to others in order to take them down. The instructions seem complicated but aren't. There are four different divisions, and so long as you finish a division, you are guaranteed a prize! It's easy and such fun. (I should mention that it's US only. :( Sorry rest of the world!)

I'm loving it, and it has made me terribly excited for Vitro's release on the 14th!


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