Monday, June 2, 2014

Attention Email Subscribers!

Hello, hello y'all!

It came to my attention recently that Feedburner was, to put it succinctly, flipping out. I'd check my subscriber lists to find from one day to the next that I'd somehow lost twenty or thirty subscribers. This happened at least three times. Needless to say, I can't believe that thirty people just up and decided on the same day they didn't want to receive emails from me anymore. One or two, sure, but thirty? I've seen, however, other people discussing the same thing, so it's a glitch with Feedburner.

You know what that means? I'm finding somewhere else to handle my email subscriptions. I'm in the process now, but I'm not confident the first place I try will be the right fit, so you may be seeing different-looking emails from day to day over the next week or two. Don't be alarmed, I'm working on it. There should be no lapse in getting the emails, but if you find you don't receive any after today, for whatever reason, please email me ( I'll make sure you're on the list.

AND if you're signing up for the email subscription in conjunction with my giveaway, I definitely have those who have already done so and will be vigilant to keep up with them, so your entries will not be lost. Don't worry! I'm not sure how soon I'll have a different widget set up, so continue to sign up with Feedburner if it's there, and if it's not, use whatever's there. I'll keep up with them all.

I have updated the widget, using a service called MadMimi. It looks almost just like the old one, and works very similarly. Hopefully we'll all like this one! :D I will be deactivating the Feedburner email service now, so you won't receive duplicates.

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