Friday, June 27, 2014

Let's Talk About... When You Don't Connect

I think most of us are guilty of "not connecting" to a book, more specifically and most often to characters. 

To me, it's kind of the worst thing when I start a book, continue reading a book, and finish a book without ever finding a connection to the main character(s). It's not even that I don't like the characters most of the time, but it's just that I can't find myself caring about a character. I can't find a similarity between us, I can't sympathize or empathize. 

So what does one do when you just can't bring yourself care about a character? I honestly don't know. Sometimes a book will have a fall back. Sometimes I find myself really into the secondary characters, the plot, or the world. Even so, I often find my ratings for those books being in the "meh" region. (I actually even have a meh tag, it happens often enough.)

And it's something I hate, but I can't help it! Characters that we can identify with and care for are pretty darn important, wouldn't you say? So, who are some of your favorite, most loved characters? :)

I will leave you will some happy Troy, because gifs are fun. :)

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