Thursday, December 4, 2014

Distractions - November

I figured I'd try a little something different this month! I've seen other bloggers discuss what they watch, listen to, etc. and I always love reading them, so I thought I'd share that myself. :) If it goes well, I'll probably make it a monthly thing! Given that I wasn't blogging much in November, maybe y'all can excuse it when you see what I've been doing? (Aside from working, of course!)

What I'm Watching:

SO. MUCH. GILMORE GIRLS. I got so excited when they went up on Netflix, but I hadn't had a lot of time to watch. So... Most of that time I would've spent reading or blogging was probably spent watching Gilmore Girls.

If it wasn't Gilmore Girls, it was HIMYM. I finally felt less than blazing mad at the show for that finale, so I rewatched the entire series from beginning to end. I'm still pretty mad.

I'm late to the party on Bob's Burgers, but I loooooove it. 

OH MY GOSH THIS SHOW. I'm actually watching this with my dad, and we haven't had a chance to watch any in the past week or so, but the first season is just fantastic. And the music!!

What I'm Listening To:

Practically on repeat, to be quite honest. It's just that gorgeous.

I've loved this song for ages, but Pentatonix just made me love it more.

I finally saw Interstellar (though I listened to this first, actually) and the music just blew me away. I'm kind of a pipe organ fangirl as it is (do those exist?), so a movie filled with it was like crack to me.

Well, that's it for today! Is this interesting to y'all? Want to know anything else? I'm an open book and am always, always open to suggestions. :D Have a wonderful Thursday!

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